Things to do in Nepal

Nepal is the best destination for people around the world. The climate is favorable for all and. This country has something to offer to all age people. The more you explore the more you find and the more you get attached. When you first step in Nepal you might feel it’s backward in lots of aspect but when you are leaving I bet you, you will be emotional and you will have tears.

There are lots of things you can do in Nepal. But don’t forget to try these 10 things if you are in Nepal.  Depending upon you stay; do try to include all these things in your trip.

1. Trekking: If you have plenty of time and want to go and get lost in nature than try trekking. Nepal has best trekking trails. Everest Trek, Annapurna Trek, Manaslu Trek, Mustang Trek are the best and most famous trekking rout. There are various trekking agencies that can provide you the most feasible rout at reasonable price.kathie's groupss2.  Rafting: The white river farting in Nepal is adventurous and dangerous. It’s full of excitement and it has been the main attraction for many tourists. If you are courageous and want to add thrill in your life than go for Bhote Koshi Rafting (one of top 10 rafting rout as per National Geography). You can also try other rafting routs like Trishuli, Sunkoshi, Kaligandali.

3. Bungee jumping: Jumping to 130m deep into wild Sunkoshi River, doesn’t it sound cool and exciting. The Last Resort has been facilitating the bungee jump in Nepal. They are well trained and they take full responsibility of your security.

Photo Credit: The Last Resort

4. Sightseeing: Even if you have limited time, you can go for sightseeing and take full pleasure of historical and cultural perspective of Nepal. In short period you can visit all most all world heritage sites in Kathmandu.  The Kathmandu Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Pashupatinath, Swayambhunath, Baudha can be visited in one day with lots of hassle but if you have time then in two day you can visit these place with full concentration and in addition you can also visit Changunarayan.

If your sole propose of visiting Nepal is sightseeing than add Lumbini; birth place of Gautam Buddha, Janakpur; Ram-Sita Tample, Gorkha, Tilaurakot, Patan Durbar etc in your list.

5. Food: Though the local foods are not of world class quality but they have their own taste and specialty. The local food will give you a taste to remember for a life time. The Dal Bhat is the local food and is famous in Nepal. Gundruk, Dhindo are traditional food. In additional to these, you can taste Panipuri, Mo:Mo, Chatpata as well. If want try and experiences local food than try Thakali, Newari, Tharu food too.




6. Transportation: The transpiration in Nepal is not that good but it’s once in life time experiences. Try the local bus, the crowed, the hassle, the rush to get in the bus is different. Try the local transportation that are available in village area.



7. Festivals: You should not be surprised if reach Nepal on same day when they are celebrating something. Being a multicultural, multiethnic country, you will find long list of festival celebrated in this country. The main festivals are mainly Dashain, Tihar, Loshar, Buddhajayanti, Bisketjatra ad many more. The chariot pulling, mask dance, local musical instruments will also entertain you.

8. Mt Everest: The highest altitude in earth, Mt Everest is in Nepal. It is only the main attraction for many tourists in Nepal. The 8848 m high Mt Everest lies in boarder of Nepal and China. To reach the peak of the mountain the only possible way is from Nepal side. If you wish to see Mt. Everest , you can go for Everest Base Camp trekking , expedition , mountain flight.




9. Enjoy the Natural beauty: Due to lack of infrastructure development, the natural environments of Nepal are not hindered and they are as natural as they could be. The lakes, National Park, mountains, the rural area, forest, the unexplored area are the attraction for tourist.

10. Enjoy the hospitality: You will always get o stay in world class hotel but try to stay at least few in Home stay in Nepal. Try the home made food and enjoy the hospitality of people. You will meet various people and you will get an opportunity to explore their culture which is so diversified that you will be amazed.


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